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Chapter 2 Ministries

Chapter 2 ministries is dedicated to being the church in the West Plains community. They sponsor events and provide care and supplies for various people. Chapter 2 is most known for its community dinners offered every two months. These dinners give the church the opportunity to help those in need both spiritually and physically. The dinners bring people is very much like a family coming together and catching up. If you love to serve and are interested in dedicating your time, please contact Jarryd Alsup (Chapter 2 Ministries Director).


The Deacon's ministry of TLC is the extension of the hands of our church. Deacons are assigned specific tasks to perform by the head deacon to further serve the various needs of the church. These individuals also work alongside the ongoing ministries of the church to help address members' needs as they arise. The Deacon's ministry of TLC is made up of both deacons and non-deacons and is responsible for ministering to the physical, spiritual and relational needs of our widows and widowers as well as anyone else as approved by the church elders. Our team will help with certain tasks, and if they are unable to complete jobs to a godly standard, can also can provide referrals to professionals who can help with things like general repairs, painting, plumbing, landscaping, appliance repairs, heating and air-conditioning repairs. Qualifications for deacons can be found in Acts 6:1-6 and I Timothy 3:8-13.

Front Lines

The Front Lines ministry is where the pre-Christian is introduced to the church; we are the handshake as people walk in the door. Front Lines ministry gives the opportunity to meet new people and share the love of God. God grants to us an identity, a purpose, a talent, and a teaching. We are to store up for ourselves the treasures He possesses -  but pour out ourselves for His favored treasure: the people. God gives His grace and so  we should show grace and love to those who have not experienced His love.

ICU, Nursing Home Visitation

          Feeling alone is the single, most powerful feeling experienced by people in our society.  We serve a God who is revealed in Scripture as a God of love and compassion who cares deeply about the needs and concerns of the orphan, the widow, the fatherless, the sick, the outcast, the lonely and the brokenhearted. 

          As disciples of Christ, we desire to share God’s heartbeat for the lonely and seek to put our faith into action by visiting widows and others who may be experiencing loneliness and whom God has placed within our sphere of influence. 

          We see visitation not as a superficial interaction, but an opportunity to listen and learn the practical needs of the person, both physical and spiritual, and to intersect their lives, share the gospel of grace, and provide practical help, guidance, and comfort.

          Township Line has begun a visitation ministry to widows, providing practical help with needs such as yard work and home maintenance, as well as regular visits and interaction with the community of believers at Township Line.  We also visit the Intensive Care Unit at Ozarks Medical Center each Tuesday evening, providing food and comfort to families of patients receiving treatment and to the nursing staff.  If you know of widows or persons we could visit or would like to be involved in visitation ministry, please contact the church.



Worship is a venue to express the glory and majesty of God. Because our worship is both a service and a ministry, there are constant opportunities for involvement. We assess each person's involvement with the worship team primarily on spiritual maturity and secondly on talent and skill. Our goal is to accomplish a comfortable and welcoming environment for the presence of God's Spirit and each worshiper so that we can freely and openly praise together as one body and one voice. Our goal is to live a life full of worship and to come together as the church and worship united as an expression of what has taken place daily each week.


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